Rising Storm Brewing Co.® is dedicated to producing and delivering unique, innovative, fresh, and high quality beers to ensure complete customer satisfaction, while promoting a sense of community and partnership. 


Our story began some several thousand years ago with the first recorded evidence of beer existing in ancient Iran….or was it Mesopotamia? Well, at any rate, thanks to those who created our favorite beverage! Without them, we wouldn’t be here.


Our story really began back in 2011. As craft beer began making a strong comeback from its heyday in the '90s, our journey started. Like many other pro brewers, we started as home brewers. In January of 201I, Bill brewed his first batch of beer — an extract clone of Bear Republic’s Racer 5 IPA. Instantly, he was hooked and ramped up his brewing quickly. Not long after, Bill convinced his longtime friend Jeff (another beer lover) to give home brewing a shot. Like Bill, Jeff dove in head first! What began as extract brewing quickly evolved into learning the techniques of all-grain brewing. We upgraded equipment, tried out a bunch of different recipes, and soon were producing ridiculous amounts of tasty brew. From our roots as hop head IPA lovers, we expanded into stouts, porters, wheats, saisons, and the list goes on.


In 2014 the conversation about taking our passion to the next level began — “You know Bill, these beers taste damn good...we should start our own brewery! You brew. I brew. We can totally do this!” is the paraphrased (and simplified) version of Jeff’s drunken speech to Bill every time we got together for another “tasting.” 


In July 2016, we saw a Facebook post for the Brew IN Livingston business plan competition. Livingston County's Economic Development office organized this unprecedented competition to create a beer trail in an area that at the time had no breweries. This was it! Our chance at fulfilling our dream!


Both being SUNY Geneseo Alumni, we knew Livingston County was the perfect location. We had seen other local breweries do extremely well in smaller towns because the community embraced them. That, paired with grant money and support from the county, made this an amazing opportunity.


We were fortunate enough to make it to the semifinal round of the competition. From there we spent weeks developing our pitch video, which pushed us forward to the next round along with 14 other finalists. After a five week business boot camp sponsored by Brew IN Livingston, we submitted our business plan for review. Two weeks later we participated in the competition's public pitch night, which gave us a chance to connect directly with the community that we wanted to be part of. It was a sold out event that was a huge success for everyone!


Then came two long weeks of waiting...and waiting...and waiting. It was only two weeks, but it seemed like forever! 


Finally we got THE call...We were selected as one of the lucky winners!!


So here we are — making our dream a reality, ready to put Livingston County on the craft brewery map! We love what we do and can't wait to share our passion for craft beer with you. Cheers!