Can Drops at The Mill

We're excited to bring the finest and freshest beers from our Livonia brewhouse to The Mill for regular can drops as we get ready to open our second location in the spring of 2023. 


The next scheduled can drop is TBD. 


Rising Storm Brewing Company at The Mill

1880 Blossom Rd, Rochester, NY 14625


Here's what's available (subject to change):

Earl Grey Raspberry It Was Written

Sour IPA w/Earl Grey Tea, Raspberry, & Milk Sugar • 6%

Liquid Swords

New England IPA w/Galaxy & Nelson Hops • 7.2%


Double New England IPA w/Citra, Mosaic, & Vic Secret Hops • 8%


Imperial Stout w/Chocolate, Coffee, Marshmallow, & Vanilla Cream Cookies • 8.1%


New England IPA w/Citra, Mosaic, & Columbus Hops • 7.2%

Strawberry Orange It Was Written

Sour IPA w/Strawberry, Orange, & Milk Sugar • 6%

Dragon Fruit Passion Fruit Coconut It Was Written

Sour IPA w/Dragon Fruit, Passion Fruit, Coconut, & Milk Sugar • 6%

Blackberry French Toast Right Above It

Sour IPA w/Blackberry, Maple, Cinnamon, & Milk Sugar • 7%

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